A Slice of Gratitude



What an opportunity to have a positive impact on someone..to enhance their experience.

Gratitude can be simple

It doesn’t take much – it just needs to be sincere. A smile is simple, but it can convey many different signals. People can see right through an insincere, empty smile. On the other hand, when your smile says, “Wow! We are totally on the same page. I can really relate. I love what you’re doing. I love what you’re saying. You rock!” – that’s a smile of appreciation, and it’s felt, not just heard. Chances are they’ll smile right back at you with that same sincerity. Bingo – you’ve made a real human connection, you have mutual appreciation and gratitude. It feels better this way.

I am honored to have written this as a guest post on Scott Mabry’s excellent blog, ELUMN8.
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Entrepreneurship and Leadership

The world is constantly asking for more innovation, more creativity. You have it, you’ve found it, and you want to provide it – and you certainly can. This is where the genuine leader and the entrepreneur in you get together.

Your Leadership is Challenged

If there ever is a time when your leadership – especially where it applies to yourself – can really be put to the test, this is it. At first it is fast-paced, it is exciting, you are energized, and it is amazing. Then, all of the sudden, things come to a grinding, screeching halt. What is it? You cannot move forward until you’ve worked through things that can and/or will be holding you back. This is when things come crawling out of the woodwork – things that you may not have known even still lurked there. Things that you may have forgotten about – or at least had hoped to.

You have to get to the source. You may already know some of the things that need your attention, some you may not. Self-awareness, my friend – you have to look inside and get aware, get fully aware. You can’t tackle it until you know what it is.

You have to face these things straight on. It takes courage, and lots of it. It takes perseverance. It may not seem like it in the heat of the battle, but you will manage to get through it. You have a vision, you have the passion – keep these with you throughout.

Your Leadership Shines

You’ve chunked up the problems and worked through them bit by bit. You’ve made tough decisions and you’ve learned more than you ever thought you would. You’ve gained skills and knowledge that you have discovered are necessary for your journey. Your endurance was put to the test, but your integrity is still intact.

Congratulations – you are well on your way to success. You are a stronger, faster, more intelligent leader than when you first set out, and you did this through your own leadership. No matter how you slice it, no matter what happens from here on out, you’ve already won a major accomplishment. At this point, your leadership truly shines.



The other day I was complimenting a team member on a job well done for a task that he had just completed – I called it a “big win”. He was very appreciative of the commendation, however he laughed, as he though the words “big win” was an exaggeration. This is when I resolved that the next handful of downplayed achievements by the achiever are going to receive unusually large celebration. A little obnoxious…maybe, but fun and encouraging, nonetheless – this is one of those simple pleasures, this is what it’s all about.

A timely smile is simple, it takes hardly any effort, but yet can be a huge win.

The time and effort involved to complete the task I mentioned were relatively small; however, the result was very outwardly visible, provided great convenience and value to others, and saved a lot of people a lot of time and effort – a “big win” from any outside perspective.

Something that may seem small or minor to one person, may not be perceived that way by others. I’m always on the lookout for achievements by others – these come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We don’t always need to throw a party, but even just simple acknowledgement goes a long way.