Are You a Full-Time Leader or a Part-Time Leader?

Do you carry your leadership with you wherever you go?

Being a leader is what you do, it is part of what makes you who you are, it is what you are. This means that leadership is full-time – it is this way by default. In the office, it’s probably a given, probably almost automatic – you put on your leadership hat, but this is only part-time. Your integrity, your character – these hang with you all of the time, and we need to keep them respectable no matter where we are.

It Begins with You

Leadership begins with ourselves. We need to constantly tune into our own self-awareness. We can always learn and improve. We can always look within ourselves to find the things we need to work on. We can ask ourselves questions. We can journal to tap our subconscious.

When you are alone, do you treat yourself fairly, as you would others? One thing I often neglect is that everyone needs a break, a little time to recharge, and maybe even do absolutely nothing but to take the time to sit and think – this includes ourselves! You are an important member of the team, too.

It Includes Your Loved Ones

Work, home, play – we need them all, and we need to be inclusive and mindful of the ones we love. The people that live with us, the people that we play with – they usually aren’t part of your work day, so balance is essential. We always need to give them the respect, love, and attention that they deserve.

Everyone Needs Some of That

Did you give a smile at each person that passed you by in the hall? Did you say hello or give a friendly wave? Maybe you just stopped to give someone a compliment. If you’re in the habit of doing these kinds of things, you’re doing great, you’re spreading the joy, and remember – happiness loves company. People..they love being around the genuine leader that is you.